3 Common Scenarios in Which People Miss Out on Free Money

Sun, Aug 27, 2017

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We’ve all been there- stuck in a tough scenario which ended badly and only later did we realize that we could have claimed some pretty hefty compensation at the time. Who can blame us? We are usually shaken up, surprised, frustrated, and hot-headed, and just try to find the quickest solution to the problem.

The other party, however, has no interest in telling you that you are owed compensation. If you don’t know that you are entitled to it and bring it up, there is usually no logical reason for them to offer it to you. That’s why it’s important to be savvy with your rights and know when it’s time to stand your ground and take what belongs to you.

  1. Common Law Divorce

If you were married to someone for several years and you split up, it’s natural for you to look for ways to get what it rightfully yours. However, some don’t know that if you are sharing a home with someone and are in a long-term relationship, this can be grounds for similar rights. If your significant other breaks up with you and now you are left with financial problems due to the lack of their income in your household, you can rightfully claim spousal support or even try battling it out for half of their wealth. It might feel wrong under some circumstances, but for some it can be a way to bring justice and realistically stay afloat during this difficult emotional time.

  1. Overbooked Flights

There’s been a lot in the news recently about airlines telling patrons to leave their seats because the flight has been overbooked. The sneaky airlines like to capitalize on the fact that an average of 15-20% of passengers doesn’t show up for a flight and they want to make the greatest amount of profit. It is true that in many cases, if no one volunteers to disembark, the flight crew can choose passengers at random to put onto another flight. If they do not want to go peacefully, law enforcement officials may get involved. But let’s focus on the positives here: if you DO end up getting off that overbooked flight, don’t let the airline just dazzle you with a free lunch at the airport or a night’s stay at a hotel. There are laws dictating exactly what they owe you and your best bet would be relying on a specialist who will assist you with your compensation for an overbooked flight. You could even get up to 400% of the ticket price refunded to you!

  1. Haircuts

Hair is a very important part of your appearance and isn’t as easily changed as your outfit or shoes are. Getting the right hair cut is important to your self-confidence, comfort, and identity. If you are clear in communicating what you want done when you sit in that salon or barber chair, you should get what you want. In situations where the stylist doesn’t listen to what you are saying and messes up your look to the degree that it can’t be fixed, they shouldn’t be compensated. Think about it- you would do the same if the dry cleaner ruined your clothes! Just because you spend more than a few minutes with the person offering you the service doesn’t mean that they should be compensated for work poorly done. Furthermore, it encourages them to raise the quality of their work as they know that to get their full pay, they need to put in maximum effort. So, if you have tears in your eyes as you leave the salon because the service and results are so poor, keep that money in your pocket for your next appointment elsewhere.

When you are wronged, you are wronged, and things should be righted. Many decide not to dwell, and simply, “let things go”, however if you can stand it emotionally, you stake your rights to fair compensation. Face it, they won’t want to give it up without you asking for it.

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