5 Ways to Save Money on Buying New Clothes

Tue, Jul 18, 2017

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If you have younger kids, it may seem that you are constantly going clothes shopping.  As soon as the piece fits them perfectly, the next week they have already grown out of it.  While you should try and donate all of your outgrown wardrobe to at least recoup a little expense during tax season, as you get to be an adult you need clothes less often, so it is important to take care of the clothes you do have.

Follow the Correct Washing Instructions

It may seem like common sense in correct washing, but not only washing and drying at the correct temperatures, but also turning your shirts inside out during the wash cycle can extend the life more than it would throwing it in with the others as-is.  I learned that the hard way between washing dry-clean only and ruining, shrinking and not being able to wear again, or having decals from a jersey come off from not turning inside out to wash.

A Solid T-Shirt is Nothing More

Whether it is a V-neck or crew, a t-shirt is a t-shirt, especially when it comes to solid colors, which are in these days for casual and even acceptable for a night out on the town.  The thing is though, since they are solid colors, no one will know what brand it is, so there really is no difference between a Target t-shirt, and from a high-end store in the mall, so spending anything over $9 on a shirt like that, as anything over that would be a complete waste.

Buy Only with Coupons

An in-store sale is never enough, so you should always look beyond that, with a coupon code online or a physical coupon to bring in the store.  Often stores like Express send you coupons in the mail every month or two, at which you can save a ton of money by hitting the spending threshold in order to take money off.  If you can hold off longer, stores like Carson’s hold yearly sales that seem items are practically given away.

Keep an Eye on the Seasons

Speaking of holding off, you never want to buy summer clothes in the summer, while that may sound odd to say, but that’s when they are top dollar.  Just like you wouldn’t want to buy a winter coat in the dead of cold.  If you can wait until the next season or two, retailers will give significant discounts off of those items that were full priced in their peak season.

Remove Clothes Shopping from your Budget

As mentioned with the Carson’s example, if you can avoid going clothes shopping every week and maybe at least once every few months, and at best, once a year, you can really get into the need vs. want, and make sure that when you are making a clothes purchase, that it is out of necessity, and not something you are buying just to wear out that night.  If you can live by that, you will save a significant amount of money.

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