A Business That Understands its Customers

Thu, Mar 28, 2019

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Building a successful business is not an
easy task. To be an expert on your industry, your products, staff and most
importantly, you need to be an expert on your customers. If you don’t know who
you’re selling to, you can’t target them effectively. Advertising and marketing
that’s tailored to your customers is more efficient: it communicates your
message more clearly, and gets you more sales per pound spent. The advantages
of your business understanding who its customers speak for themselves, but how
can you achieve that understanding?

to the Experts

The sort of intense data gathering and
interpretation you need to do is beyond the reach of many companies – not just
small, new businesses. Even large, established companies tend to go to independent
market research firms when they need an injection of expertise rather than keep
a full-time research team in house. When you’re looking for companies that can
give you this insight into consumer intelligence,
is the place to start. London has a big mix of industries and tech
expertise that allows market researchers to stay at the cutting edge, so it’s a
great place to find a firm that can help you.

Help They Can Give

Understanding your customers requires more
than data.
While you can survey customers yourself, to generate spreadsheets full of
results, you won’t be able to turn them into a useful tool for your business
without the two key things specialist market researchers bring to the table:
reach and understanding.


To get useful results that help you
understand your market, you need the reach to get answers from people who
haven’t already chosen
to shop with your brand! The only consumers you have access to are the ones who
are finding your advertising effective – fine for optimising your tactics to
target them more effectively, but useless if you want to target a bigger

Market research firms can survey a broad
demographic, including, crucially, those people who don’t yet find your
marketing persuasive, and find out why.


The currency of research is not data but ‘insight’.
Understanding what that data is telling you, and turning it into practical
advice that can power a successful marketing campaign, product development
cycle or rebrand is where a market research firm really earns its money, and
where you can really learn to understand who your customers are and what they

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