About Freebie Chest

The FreebieChest.com team is made up of 3 fun-loving guys from Pittsburgh. We go around the Internet everyday to look for free stuff such as incentives, free samples, paid surveys, and other freebies. We come back with our findings, and list them out here on this page.

Why are we doing this? Simple! We do it because we just love freebies, and there’s no harm sharing freebies with everyone! Looking for freebies has been what we’ve always been doing, and one day, we decided that since we’re already doing it, we might as well put all out findings together on a website.

How do we maintain this site? We cover all costs from all the ads you see on the page. We make some money through all these ads, and in the process, are able to pay for this website and all its costs.


Real Free Stuff

All the things are free. It’s true! The most famous example of all being the free iPod case, where everyone, including ourselves, thought that it was just another hoax. Until Bill, one of our beloved friends, got one in his mail. That was really the moment when we decided that we needed to grab all these freebies that were being given away.

But how do companies make money by giving away free stuff? Well, that was what we were thinking too, until we understood their business model. It turns out that it isn’t a simple hands-out-grab-freebie procedure. We have to provide our email and address, and once it’s verified, we fill up some surveys, and then finally we get our freebie.

This information is really valuable to retailers and merchants, because then they’ll know what kind of consumers we are. What we like, what we do, etc. So that’s how they can provide all these free stuff. Pretty neat, eh? We figure that we didn’t mind getting a couple of emails more every week, as long as they gave us stuff like the XBox that Joel got.

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