Beautifying Your Home on a Budget

Sat, Jul 22, 2017

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Your home is your refuge, your oasis, your temple. It should be a place in which you feel safe, comfortable, and enjoy spending time in and around. However, bringing it to this state can take some time and money- think about all the renovations, furniture, décor, and even utility bills! Maintaining a real “home” takes more effort than most think, and the costs can really add up.

Thankfully, there are some tricks that you can use to beautify your home and truly make it your kingdom without blowing the entire household’s budget.

  1. Paint the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can really chance the character of a place, transforming it from drab to fabulous. Light colors can make a space look much larger while dark shades will give the  room a cozy feel. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, paint can solve some issues that even knocking down a wall can’t achieve. Paint also goes on sale quite often, and chances are that you might have some old cans kicking around in the garage. A bonus is that paints can be mixed to achieve new colors, stretching your possibilities and your budget.

  1. Put up Mirrors

Mirrors are a classy way to adorn your walls while making the room they are in seem larger than they are. You can accent any room in your home with a stylish framed custom mirror which can be made to suit your style while costing the same amount as a stock version. A mirror is also a great addition to a room as it provides a spot to check how you look and can reflect light, giving a more airy and open feel to the space. The other great thing is that mirrors don’t add colour or ever look dated. If you think the frame is not quite what you pictured, you can always change it!

  1. Put up Art

Show your unique sense of style by hanging interesting art in your home. So what if you can’t afford to remodel your bathroom? You have a great framed vintage poster covering the crack in the plaster and a little statue decorating your outdated vanity. Sometimes you just need to embrace the current state of affairs and find items that match that theme creating a cohesive look that gives the impression of it being that way on purpose. Just be careful to not overwhelm your home with knick knacks. Think statement pieces and a unified style as you place your décor around.

  1. Replace Your Towels and Sheets

The budget doesn’t allow for a new bed or new fixtures in the bathroom, however, a set of new sheets and towels can do a lot to refresh a room. These often go on sale and can really change the look of a room, adding colour or an accent pattern. If you have already shifted the focus to different aspects of the space, go simple with these elements, but see that they suit the feel and colour scheme of the room.

  1. Thrift

There’s no shame in hitting up those estate sales, yard sales, Craigslist, or the thrift store. All of these places can be hiding real gems in the form of décor, furniture, linens, or even vintage appliances like old-school coffee grinders. Be on the lookout for items that already fit your home’s theme as well as ones that can be easily and cheaply transformed. By the same token, if you are looking to get rid of some stuff, it’s easy to sell it and pad your home beautification budget with the money earned.

Your home is a place that you should love and be proud of. Though it’s easy to get into the habit of spending lots of money on home beautification projects, there are many ways it can be done on a budget. By being smart and strategic about it, you can end up with a home that won’t just be the envy of your friends, but an inspiration for many. All with a minimal budget to work with!

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