Brand New $10 Off Of $10 At Lane Bryant Text Offer

Wed, May 17, 2017

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Guess what!!  Lane Bryant is at it again.  That’s right–they have a brand new text offer available for you!

No joke.  The store is once again offering you the chance to score a coupon for $10 off of $10.  All you have to do is text the word MOBILE to 552255 and they’ll send you the coupon.  You can use the coupon to get an item priced at $10 or less for free.  You could even get multiple items if you find a great sale or some smaller, less expensive items.  This offer will only work for those who don’t currently get Lane Bryant texts.  So, if you do, you’ll want to text STOP first, then try it out.  The coupon is good through the 5/23.


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