Earn Free Gift Cards With Gift Card Granny

Thu, May 18, 2017

Freebies at SampleADay.com

Do you shop online?  Do you check your emails daily?  If you do either or even both of these things, then you’re going to want to learn about Gift Card Granny!

As a member of Gift Card Granny, you have a chance to purchase discounted gift cards.  You can also earn completely free gift cards!  Start by signing up for the Gift Card Granny newsletter.  Then use it to learn about when your fave brands go on sale, to access contests and giveaways, and get insider promo codes.  Joining will also get you automatic enrollment in the Granny Rewards Program.  This program will let you earn points when you open emails or make a purchase from a Granny Reward Partner.  You can then use these points to get free gift cards!!  Oh, and the best part?  When you sign up for the Gift Card Granny email newsletter, you’ll receive 100 points to get you started and to use toward FREE Gift Cards.


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