Easy Ways to Save Money this Summer

Fri, May 11, 2018

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Although it has seemed like a never-ending winter, spring is here and is kind of mashing together with summer, as the weather doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do.  Regardless, at least that means no more snow and we can look forward to finally opening up the windows and getting some fresh air inside, doing a little spring cleaning while we’re at it, not to mention the garage is probably long overdue for some cleaning.  Just because your weekends will start to fill up now that it’s getting nicer out, doesn’t mean you have to open up the wallet more than you have to.

Entertain at Home

Probably the first task on your list is to get the yard ready by staining the deck, lay down fresh mulch, and start to plant flowers, so why not take advantage of your hard work and start to entertain at home.  Even if it’s just having drinks at your house before you go out to the bars/restaurants, you can at least save money on a few rounds and go out a little later.  After all, nothing beats summer like outdoor parties and late-night’s around the bonfire.

Don’t Put the A/C on Overload

Like you (hopefully) did in the winter, your furnace air filters do need to be changed at least every three months, so now is a good time to put a fresh one in for maximum efficiency.  Also, as you’re starting to work outside, make sure there are no cracks or drafts where you can let any unwanted warm air inside (and cold air from inside, out, for that matter) by adding caulk.  Taking advantage of your programmable thermostat so you don’t forget to change temperatures will help to keep the house warmer while you’re away and cooler at night so it’s more comfortable while you sleep.

Ditch Cable

With all the activities filling up your calendar and spending more time outside, it could be worth saving that hundred dollars or two each month during the summer and then get it again in the fall, although you could be used to not having it by then.  For around $10 a month you can get a streaming service so you can at least still catch up on all the best shows for those nights when you feel like staying up a little later and relaxing on the couch.

Hit the Garage Sales

It seems like everyone has the same idea about getting those extra unwanted items out of the house and have a garage sale.  You could even get lucky where entire blocks are having one the same day so you can go house to house and find items that you don’t want to pay full price for.  You may even decide to have one yourself and use the extra money to fund a summer vacation, as long as you aren’t afraid to part with items that are collecting dust that you still haven’t used in the last few years to free up space.

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