Freedom From Traditional Payment Methods

Mon, Jan 8, 2018

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The modern world is a marvel, from a technological point of view. When you start a business today or move to invest in a better point of sale system, the choices that you have are fantastic. You can use your transaction system to help gather data from your customers and you can use it out in the field as a way to drum up business and new customers. That is what a mobile card reader can do for your business.

As a business owner, you need to be flexible in many ways. You need to be able to innovate to offer your customers quality goods and services, but you also need to be able to accept multiple forms of payments from many different sources. You can always accept cash (that’s easy) or checks, especially since most banks make it simple to deposit checks by taking a picture with your phone. But you also need to be able to take credit cards.

These days, you need to be able to take payment from your customers anywhere. Anywhere in the store and, if you can be off premises, anywhere that you have a phone and wireless service. That is where mobile card readers come into play. Mobile card readers, which are offered by companies like SumUp, among others, can take all the modern cards these days, from contactless payment over Bluetooth to the RFID chip cards.

For a long time, accepting credit cards meant dealing with bulky card readers and an elaborate technological system that tied up your phone line and was prone to outages. Then you would need a manual way to accept credit cards that required a ton of work on behalf of your employees or yourself. But mobile card readers are a real step forward in payment processing.

With mobile card readers you can have a small inventory of tech that can connect directly to your tablet or mobile phone. Or they can connect wirelessly. They allow you to take cards from nearly any bank and with magnetic strips or security chips. The flexibility and ease of use for mobile card readers make investing in them a no-brainer. When you are out and about, you can take a credit card payment directly to you phone or tablet.

Let’s look at an example of how the flexibility of mobile card readers can help a local coffee shop. The baristas can serve beverages right at the table and complete each transaction quickly and efficiently with a very simple swipe on a smartphone. And, if the coffee shop owner wants to do some local person-to-person marketing, they can bring their table to the town’s farmer’s market or the Friday night football game and sell coffee without the need for bulky portable credit card terminals.

With all that flexibility, there is no doubt that the advent of mobile card readers is a boon to business owners. Getting out of the shackles of old-school payment systems can be a great thing for the operations and bottom line of many small businesses.

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