How Language Translation Can Save You Money

Sat, Jul 22, 2017

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Some of us are lucky enough to be bi, tri or even quad lingual, however many can only freely communicate in one language: English. Though it can be argued that English is the universal language, it’s not the only one, and there are still plenty of people who don’t know it well or at all. That’s a fact that we know, and companies know, which can be seen by the presence of multi-lingual product descriptions, ingredient lists, and even marketing efforts.

However, sometimes you’ll find that, whether due to a very specific target audience or budgetary barriers, companies do not make the effort to communicate in more than one language. This especially hurts when that one language is not English. We could be missing out on amazing products, great deals, or even subjecting ourselves to danger when we can’t understand labels, announcements, or instructions.

What we usually do is avoid these situations altogether by staying away from ethnic stores, foreign goods, or limiting travel abroad to places where they understand English well. However, that’s the wrong way to go about this. Though perhaps less convenient, there is much to gain by making the effort to translate the languages we come in contact with, even saving you money!

  1. Stop Paying Tourist Prices

When traveling, especially to popular destinations, you’ll find that business have adapted to provide an easy tourist experience for visitors. However, in addition to hiring multilingual staff and translating their offerings into several languages, they will have raised their prices as well. Every budget-traveling guide will tell you that when you stay off the main streets, you will access services and products which are marketed to locals in their own languages. On top of a more authentic offering, you will find more approachable prices, however, you might have to struggle through the lack of communication options in your native tongue.

  1. Make Profitable Business Connections

When you resign yourself to using a translator or a translation service, you open many doors for your business. Offering your products in more languages means more people will find you, while you can explore suppliers or producers who don’t market themselves in English. Investing in English to Spanish translation services and Spanish to English translation services can especially help companies in North America make the most of the NAFTA agreement and exploit the opportunities that it offers.

  1. Keeps Satisfaction Up

When something is unclear, it can lead to a lot of heartache and potentially lost money. Minimize the number of times clients are unsatisfied with your offering, meaning ultimately that there are fewer returns, refunds, and/or less damage to your reputation resulting in fewer future sales. When you keep your communication clear and both parties understand what is on the table, there’s a slighter chance of there being a grievance on either side. By using translation services or a translator, you can get to the heart of the issue and eliminate the guessing game.

Though translation might seem like a waste of time or money in certain situations, it can also be a huge win for you financially. Whether you are using it in a personal or professional capacity, investing in translating content can really pay off in many cases. Apart from saving money by avoiding getting stuck in tourist traps or paying special “foreigner” prices, you can also make a greater profit by expanding your market in terms of suppliers and producers, as well as increase client satisfaction, further raising the value of your company. Whether accessing these benefits means hiring your own translators or outsourcing this function, remember that this cost will be repaid in full further down the line.

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