How to get the Absolute Cheapest Car Insurance

Thu, Sep 19, 2019

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How to get the Absolute Cheapest Car Insurance

Do you know if you have the Absolute Cheapest Car Insurance?

Gabi can help.  Gabi is a new service that will show you if you can get cheaper car insurance without you having to fill out quote after quote.  Gabi is a free tool that does the insurance shopping for you. Just enter your current insurance and Gabi will tell you if there is a cheaper rate in just 2 minutes!  The cool thing about Gabi is that you don’t need to fill out any quotes and you won’t get any phone calls or spam!

How to get the cheapest insurance

  • Click this link and click on find your savings now
  • Link your current insurance account or send them a PDF
  • Gabi compares up to 20 quotes to find you the best deal
  • Save: Many people don’t know you can actually switch your insurance anytime.  Buy the cheaper policy directly through Gabi – easy!

I did mine and it turns out I already had the cheapest rate.  But the cool thing is Gabi will keep checking and let me know if there’s a cheaper rate in the future.

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