It’s Good to Save Money, But Not Be Cheap…

Fri, Jan 19, 2018

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Though you may be saving money every month, it’s good to continue to free up extra money by reducing expenses so you can continue to build your emergency fund and save for your future.  At this point you may still be asking what does ira stand for, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a cheapskate in order to save a few bucks.  I just heard the other day about a friend going to another friend’s huge expensive house who was annoyed about guests asking if they could open a $3 bag of chips.

Not Springing for Streaming

Cutting the cord is becoming more and more common as consumers are tired of paying a couple hundred dollars a month on their cable bill, so cancelling altogether, along with getting a $20 HD antenna to still pull in the local channels is a smart financial move.  It’s those that have cut the cord but are still borrowing a family or friend’s streaming password in order to still get shows.  Whether that is logging into their cable company website, or even taking their Netflix password to skim a little more off the top.

Reusing Sandwich Bags

I just saw a segment on a cooking show the other day about reusing sandwich bags, asking if that was good or bad to do, and while it is a cheap move to make, it’s also very unhealthy to reuse these bacteria traps, no matter if you try and wash them, not everything will be removed and cleaned like new.  If you are looking to reuse, they do make thick, dishwasher save bags that you can buy and reuse over and over, provided you can get over the initial investment cost up front, but can be worth it over time for your wallet and saving on the environment.

Having an Unhealthy Stockpile

Which groceries that are on sale may not always be the healthiest, and that doesn’t mean you should stock up and store in your basement just because you are saving money.  Those processed and packaged foods can be filled with sugar, salt, not to mention an entire list of ingredients that you have never heard of, let alone pronounce.  If you can find a line between eating healthy but still saving money you will be in good shape but avoiding an unhealthy stockpile just to save money is not worth it.

Do Everything Yourself

Now I may not be the handiest person there is, but I can do some things, but just because you can take care of projects around the house, that doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself.  By hiring a licensed professional, you can save your sanity and time, which may mean more than money, while getting your project done while you can still hold down the fort.  Now I’m not suggesting say, a lawn service if you are fully capable of taking care of the lawn, but other home renovations and installations it may be best left to the professionals.

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