There is No Shame in Buying Used Items

Fri, Aug 18, 2017

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Some may balk at the sound of “used”, like it’s some sort of disgusting product just because someone used it before.  I’m not suggesting that we seek out someone else’s shoes or underwear to try and save a few bucks, but for items that you might not use a whole lot, it can definitely be worth buying second-hand with a significant savings off the new sticker price, to tide you over until you are finished using them.

Maternity Clothes

My wife just giving birth within the past few months, I got to experience her going through the pregnancy stages, being able to wear her normal clothes, to eventually wanting a whole new wardrobe while she was in the weeks and months leading up to the birth of our baby.  While she did purchase a few items, she mostly noticed that most of her normal clothes could get her through the process, and mentioned there’s no point in buying all new clothes just for a few months of the end of her pregnancy, when we don’t plan on any more children.


This has to be one of the least used products in your house, and for sure in your closet especially.  Unless you have a wedding, a job interview, or an unfortunate funeral, if you are not in an office environment where you need to wear a suit, there is really no point in spending a lot for a new suit if you can find a used suit still in great shape, that will save plenty of money off of the normal price for something you will only wear once a year.

Children’s Clothes

As soon as you put your child into that size, it seems like they immediately grow out of it, so is there really a point in stocking up on brand new clothes for a premium price only to wear for a little while?  Especially if you have family and friends that are looking to pass down their outgrown clothes, you could look to score big, and can continue to look for different sizes until they finally stop growing, what, in college?

Baby Supplies

Speaking of kids, the short period of time they are babies it seems like the entire house is filled up for products that they will “need” during this stage.  From cribs, swings, seats, for this short time that they are in, you can buy used and in good condition for someone who was in the same boat as you, wondering why they never registered for this item in the first place.


I know what you’re thinking, who reads books anymore?  Well they are still popular, digitally and in print, and when you do read, how many times do you read the book?  Once?  There should be no point in spending full retail price on a book that you are going to read once, so look to getting a used gently used copy for less of the price, with all the same satisfaction.

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