Versatility is Worth That Extra Dollar

Tue, Oct 17, 2017

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We all want to save money; that’s the reason that we’re here. However, in addition to knowing when to cut costs and to go for the more frugal option, it’s important to know when it’s smart to pay that little extra in order to get a lot more use out of something.

Versatility is very valuable, as it often means that we need fewer things as there are multiple uses or occasions in which we can use something. Though we don’t always end up using all the “bells and whistles” all the time, even if you only use them a few times, those are the times that you don’t have to go out and buy an additional appliance, pair of shoes, cardigan, or even a baby car seat. Having one of something that can perform the work of several different tools or items is worth investing money into, as that means fewer items to buy, repair, and then dispose of.

Here are some examples where buying the more versatile options can be a cost-saving mechanism:

  • A Stand-Up Mixer

A good quality stand up mixer doesn’t just offer years and years of use for whipping and mixing, most offer customization options that eliminate the need for additional appliances. From food processors, blenders, grinders, juicers, and pasta makers, all you need to get are the additions that you know that you will need and the one motorized base takes care of everything! No more clutter on that kitchen counter and a cheaper alternative to buying all the small kitchen appliances separately.

  • Truck Body

Trucks are extremely versatile vehicles. You can use them for daily personal use, they can be used for heavy duty construction work, and you can also use them to pull trailers, campers, and more. If you are looking to get more use out of them, it might be time to research detachable truck bodies that are very handy for a wide variety of uses, from hosting a mobile command center to customizing it to your work as an electrician.

  • Flexible Cancelation

Sometimes hotels charge an extra few dollars for flexible accommodations that you can either cancel or move without penalty. Though this might not be of use to you if you know for sure that you will be travelling during that time, if there is a chance that due to travelling with kids or on a longer itinerary that your plans could change, having the possibility to push the dates one way or another means that you don’t lose the room, and the money that you paid for it, just because you didn’t adhere perfectly to the previously set plan.

  • Grow-with-me items

The trouble with investing into baby and kid items is that they grow out of them so quickly, be they clothes, bassinets, chairs, and more. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more to have something that “grows” with the child, like a car seat that turns into a booster seat or a high chair which can turn into a toddler chair for their play table. More and more companies are even looking for a solution to the short lifespan of baby clothing and are coming out with “grow pants” and more! This means that it can be worth investing in quality items since they will last you longer than a month or so!

Knowing when to bite the bullet and pay a little extra is a skill that we can all acquire with time. The key is to think about the lifespan of the item and what use and value it will give us over time. If it’s better than the other options, it’s definitely worth considering, especially if it means fewer items cluttering your home.

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