Ways to Save Extra Money this Summer

Tue, Jul 4, 2017

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Summer can be an expensive time of the year.  You would think it wouldn’t be too bad, working outside around the house and the kids being out of school and playing outsi—–I mean inside on their electronics, but there can be all sorts of extra expenses that come with parties, vacations, and entertainment.  This makes all the more sense to cut corners at any place you can, so with a few life adjustments you should be able to save plenty of money this summer.

Cancel the Gym Membership

Sure, every little bit helps, and I bet you are paying more than just a little on your gym membership.  I know I was paying $50 a month for my wife and I, which I guess isn’t terrible, but it was throwing $50 a month away because we stopped using it.  Instead I’m finding myself working outside more, taking the dog for a walk, and if I’m really feeling motivated, I’ll take a jog around the block.  Maybe in the winter it makes more sense to join back up, but for now it just seems to be wasting money every month.

Stay Home to Eat

I’m sure you have realized by now the amount of markup for going out to eat.  Sure, they cook, serve, and clean up after you, but that’s why you pay the big bucks.  While I’m not against going out to eat once in a while, why go out often and pay the extra money when you can fire up the grill and cook while it’s nice out, enjoying a cold beer.  There are so many options you can grill these days between meat and vegetables, not to mention you save on your electric bill from not heating up the house while cooking on the stove or oven.

Plant a Garden

What better way to ensure that you have fresh produce coming in all summer, and fall for that matter, for just a few dollars of startup cost.  If you can section off an area in your backyard for a garden, you can plant of varieties of spices, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. that if you take care of it, can give you more than you’ll be able to do with.  Last year it stayed nice so late into the winter months that we had to give away tomatoes and peppers to friends and family, not to mention freezing many of the peppers.

Use a Rain Barrel

Water = money in the summer when it comes to trying to keep your grass from being all burnt up, plus watering flowers, and now that you have a garden, you can use a little free water and what better way than hooking up a rain barrel to your gutter.  All of the rain water will collect in the barrel instead of running off into the ground or even worse, the sewer.  You would be surprised how quickly the rain water will collect and you can use without the spike in the water bill.

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