Ways to Start Saving Today

Sat, Apr 1, 2017

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I would venture to say that most of the world falls short of sticking to their budget every now and again. Most of us have issues separating our needs versus our wants, it’s simply human nature. The old adage that you must spend less than you earn and you will never go broke still holds true today, and probably always will. It’s a simple formula for not going into debt. Still, it doesn’t very little to give you specifics on how to accomplish what seems to be such an easy feat. Below are some tips that will help the budget conscious stay true to their finances!

Find a Side Gig

Most people don’t necessarily enjoy going to work, so the suggestion that they get a second job is usually a vile thought to even consider. Some people get a job as a pizza delivery driver simply because it won’t conflict with their day jobs. These days with the sharing economy it’s much easier to find a side gig that has an overly flexible schedule. You could work for Shipt and be personal shoppers for busy consumers, or start driving for Uber and Lyft which gives you the freedom of flipping the “on” switch whenever you decide to work and earn a few extra dollars. It has literally never been easier to earn extra money as it is now.

Improve Your Credit

While improving your credit isn’t quite as quick and easy as picking up a side job, it can do a great deal to improve your financial well-being and save money. Think about all the interest rates attached to the loans you take out. You can save money on your mortgage, save money on your car loan, and just about every other area you have borrowed money by simply paying your bills on time and not over utilizing your credit. This also holds true with credit cards. While I don’t necessarily advocate charging up a bunch of items on your credit card, they are there for emergencies, and if you do need to put something on credit it’s best to pay as little interest at possible.

Automate Your Savings

Automating your savings is a great way to “set it and forget it”! This can greatly improve your financial status without much though. By automatically diverting money from your paycheck or checking account to your savings account each month you can easily building up an emergency fund without really noticing. You should also look into opening a higher interest earning account with an online bank, and then avoid receiving an ATM card so you are less tempted to touch it.

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