Ways You Can Get Ahead with Your Finances

Thu, Mar 22, 2018

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While sure, you could make extra money by giving a csl plasma card a shot, but it might be a better idea to take a look at all of your finances and look to make improvements from there.  We know how quickly life goes by, so you want to make sure you’re minimizing spending and maximizing saving for your future.  With a few changes in your current money behavior can go a long way in setting you up for success in getting ahead with your finances.

Check Your Credit Report

I’m not sure about you, but twice in the last year I’ve received texts from my Citi credit card giving me a heads up of fraudulent charges, which turned out to be accurate, so it’s a good idea to review your credit report to make sure all of the accounts are up to date and accurate.  With the credit bureaus offering a free copy of your report once a year, and monthly card statements now showing your credit score, you should have all the tools available to you to make sure your credit continues in the right direction.

Build an Emergency Fund

Much like what happens to your credit information being out of your control, sometimes life gives you unexpected charges that you need to be prepared for, whether it’s medical bills, auto repair, or an out of nowhere job loss.  If you can put a few months’ worth of expenses into an account, you can give yourself a much-needed cushion to prepare yourself, instead of putting on a credit card and risk going into debt as you continue to pay back, with interest, throwing your monthly budget out of whack and tying your up your limited leftover money after bills and expenses.

Use a Credit Card Wisely

Credit cards may have gotten a bad reputation in the past, but if used right, it can actually make sense to use a card for every purchase, provided you can use correctly.  As you charge throughout the month you have to be sure that by the time you receive the statement, you are able to pay the full statement balance by the due date, or you will begin to pay interest, which depending on the rate and balance on the card, the lower the monthly payment you make will do little to chip away at the balance.

Don’t Miss Out on Free Money

Probably the best reason to use a credit card for all purchases are the rewards that come along with making the purchases you were going to be making anyways, but instead earning points or cashback on those purchases.  When it comes to more free money, take a look at work to make sure you’re taking advantage of the maximum company-matching retirement contributions, as if ignored, would be a significant amount of money to leave on the table if you figure how much the balance can grow over the next few decades until you reach retirement age and being to draw as you finally walk away from work.

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